Sunday, September 03, 2006

Why I am Vegan (aspiring)

Most self identified Vegans make this lifestyle decision because of at least one of these three aspects: Personal health, animal welfare and activism, and/or the Environment. For me, I decided to try Veganism on for size a grand total of 2 1/2 months ago. None of the 3 reasons above were actually the immediate impetus for my decision.

I had been perusing Steve Pavlina's blog for awhile. Many of his ideas have captured my imagination, even to the point of getting me to take action (heh). I was reading (on Father's Day) this article about taking a "30 day trial" of any life change you would like to make. I decided out of the blue to take veganism out for a 30 day spin. I recommend the 30 day trial to anyone, before you commit to a life or habit change. It can be intimidating to make a change that is to be forever in your life, potentially tying you down through the echoing corridors of time (scaaary).

However, 30 days sounds more like a fun experiment, and can help mute (or at least confuse) the naysayers who might be threatened by a person trying something so "radical"

i.e. "You're a vegan? know that....." "No, I'm just trying it for 30 days. I probably won't die during that time".

Well it wasn't totally out of the blue, these disparate thoughts partly contributed to my sudden resolve:

  • Steve Pavlina (article author) and his wife are Vegans
  • My interest in cooking was increasing, but ever since I learned to cook as a teen, I found that dealing with animal parts disrupts the zen of the experience (although meat did not consciously disgust me)
  • I was doing research into a raw vegan lifestyle (which I still feel has its benefits), but after a while I deemed that too radical a departure from where I was coming from
  • I had been a semi-vegetarian for years
  • Had a friend visit earlier in the spring who was trying a vegan lifestyle. We have a lot of interests in common, so I was intrigued
  • Vancouver is a great place to be veggie. Have 5 great veggie places a stone's throw from where I live, and vegan ingredients are not usually difficult to purchase.
  • Wanted to see what effect it would have on my meditation practise (if any).

Well, 2 1/2 months later, and I am having a lot of fun, and feel more congruent with my beliefs (I was suprised by how strongly I felt about that). Overall, I am not interested in looking back. Now having done more research, all 3 of these common reasons really resonate with me.

But the big one for me is the Environment. More on this later.


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Keep up the good work, Karen!

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