Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ginger's Long Nap

circa 1985 - January 25, 2007

A long life (100+ in human years) is to be celebrated. Her little body finally gave out, but her beautiful spirit would have gone on another 21+ years.

We are going to miss you Ginger kitten.

Even a Redneck can do it

I love the review that my Polenta Scramble recipe received on Vegweb. LOL. I am glad my vegan cuisine creations are simple enough that even rednecks can understand them ;-)

Monday, January 15, 2007

Another day in Paradise

Don't ya love it when you find something new. I clicked through to this site from reading the newsletter for the Simple Living Network.

This station not only has no commercials, it is Anti-commercial. Beats the hell out of any commercial Radio I have heard in years. Check it out.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

My Birthday - Celebrating another trip around the sun

My Birthday was on Friday. I love birthdays. I am about 7 years old when it comes to birthdays. Among other things I received this lovely azalea plant. My plan for the evening was originally to go to Bo Kong, a Buddhist Vegetarian restaurant. But since the kids were with us, I went more with the majority rule. So we decided that we would go to Red Robin instead! I had a veggie burger, and we split one of their towers of onion rings. Onion rings were great, burger only so-so. I figure I can go to Bo Kong anytime as it is in my neighbourhood. Although I haven't been there in years, except to get takeout veggie Wonton Soup. I will have to go soon.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Kim and Julie Christmas

I will be getting on my flight to Toronto for the holiday season shortly. While there, I have been invited to "Kim & Julie Christmas" which occurs next Saturday. You see, Kim is my sister, and Julie is her roommate who also happens to be a vegetarian chef (or at least she has those talents). I think she likes to stretch her "vegan cooking muscles" and I am happy to be fodder for that. So I have been promised a vegan feast with lots of wine. I will report back!
I went to a youth production of "If the Shoe Fits" last night, a funny semi-modernization of the Cinderella story. I was there to see my young cousins (age 11 & 9) perform. The show was in North Vancouver, so we saw the show without power or heat (they brought in a generator for the vital stage lighting, etc). We drove there dodging all the fallen trees outside the church hall where the festivities were held. It was definitely an example of "the show must go on", and they did an amazing job with what they had.
I also found out last night that the 11 year old is a neophyte drummer in a rock band! Can't believe I didn't hear this before, as I am the only other one in the family who can lay claim to being in a band. I will post the link to his band website when I have it. My cousin has done a lot of the design for the site, and it is really cute.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Look Quick!

Possibly the only "handmade" gift I will make this year. I used to have a big thing for unicorns as a kid. I remember drawing purple, sparkly unicorns, circa grade 6, and enthusiastically framing the drawings for my wall. I guess I haven't totally outgrown it. I have had an old unicorn calendar in my papers from 1988! So I cut out one of the prettier pictures and put it in a frame to give to my 9 year old cousin. Shh, don't tell her.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Brain Traffic

Christmas. Toronto Trip soon. Presents, wrapping, running, charging (pant, pant) Xmas exploded in my living room, complete w/guitar/drumkit for bf's kids. Paper everywhere, recycled trimmings litter the place. Still vegan, still freaky (99.98%, will never be that person who always asks about the dinner rolls all the time. Just sometimes. Hard to resist the occasional cookie baked with love) Carol of the Bells playing, I said I wouldn't get caught up in this crap this year. Simplicity is my ideal, sometimes feel like we are the last family that still goes the whole 9 yards. I just get so excited, and a wee bit carried away.
Other people I know are ordering pizza and sleeping in for Christmas. I will be experiencing the glory that is Pearson Airport during the festive season.
At least I now know better than to be in a musical in December. Apparently I had to figure that out the hard way. I almost signed up for another musical this year, called ironically "The Church of Pointless Consumerism". I would have only been in the choir for this one, last year they had me acting and dancing too, and I probably to this day still give the choreographer nightmares. Yet I almost could not resist this new project. But then I gave my head a shake.
After that, the task will be packing to move onto my boyfriend's boat, target date Feb 1st. I think that story will be for another day. Soon my good days might be days where nothing breaks, gains water, or sinks, and no tempers flare :-) Weeeee, can't wait!
(JK, boat people reading this)

(photo courtesy of Dave's Pics)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

K-os Flypaper Fan-Music video