Thursday, December 07, 2006

Brain Traffic

Christmas. Toronto Trip soon. Presents, wrapping, running, charging (pant, pant) Xmas exploded in my living room, complete w/guitar/drumkit for bf's kids. Paper everywhere, recycled trimmings litter the place. Still vegan, still freaky (99.98%, will never be that person who always asks about the dinner rolls all the time. Just sometimes. Hard to resist the occasional cookie baked with love) Carol of the Bells playing, I said I wouldn't get caught up in this crap this year. Simplicity is my ideal, sometimes feel like we are the last family that still goes the whole 9 yards. I just get so excited, and a wee bit carried away.
Other people I know are ordering pizza and sleeping in for Christmas. I will be experiencing the glory that is Pearson Airport during the festive season.
At least I now know better than to be in a musical in December. Apparently I had to figure that out the hard way. I almost signed up for another musical this year, called ironically "The Church of Pointless Consumerism". I would have only been in the choir for this one, last year they had me acting and dancing too, and I probably to this day still give the choreographer nightmares. Yet I almost could not resist this new project. But then I gave my head a shake.
After that, the task will be packing to move onto my boyfriend's boat, target date Feb 1st. I think that story will be for another day. Soon my good days might be days where nothing breaks, gains water, or sinks, and no tempers flare :-) Weeeee, can't wait!
(JK, boat people reading this)

(photo courtesy of Dave's Pics)


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