Saturday, October 14, 2006

Quiet Vegetarian?

You scored as quiet vegetarian. You are a quiet vegetarian! You might be unsure of yourself, simply shy, or in a fairly hostile environment. You tend not to express your views or minimize them when asked. You don't have the "veggie gear" (buttons, shirts, stickers), and you're not an activist. You don't try to convert others to vegetarianism, although you may want to. You might fear criticism in general.

quiet vegetarian


health-conscious vegetarian


militant vegan


vegan vixen


welfarist vegetarian


lazy vegetarian


new veggie


What type of vegetarian are you?
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I don't think I am a "quiet vegetarian" per se, regardless of this quiz says. Even though I am new at it, I am not afraid to state my preferences when I feel it is necessary. I am the lady that marched into the Keg Steakhouse last week with eight of her coworkers and asked for a vegan meal. Pretty ballsy thing to do in a steakhouse, not to mention that it brought on a lot of questioning at the table. The cook made me up a great Portabello Fajita that was not on the menu, so I hope my boss tipped them well. The server was very considerate.

I feel that actions speak louder than words. I am a vegan mostly for ethical reasons, and when indivduals make an ethical choice, they want to be able to own their choice. They are not going to rearrange their lives because so-and-so told them to do something or nagged them into it. You can talk and sloganeer until you are blue in the face and maybe not make change, or worse create resistance and resentment. Being the change that you want to see in the world sometimes appears to be an underrated route to take. Maybe not everybody notices, but people do notice.

Going vegan represents a shift of consciousness in our current society. Eating meat and other animal products is an unconscious choice for many people. These people might act differently if they sat and thought about what eating meat represents, and thought about if they have a choice. I feel people's actions help affect the consciousness of the world. I was not completely ready for vegetarian talk and discussion until I had made this shift in consciousness myself, which was a very personal, private thing for me.

Well, maybe that makes me quiet after all.

Or maybe the quiz labelled me "quiet" because I did not value a bra made out of lettuce very highly. Is that a sign of being a vegetarian prude?


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