Thursday, November 02, 2006

Seafood no more

Just watched a segment on the news that stated given current trends, there will be no seafood species left on this planet by 2048. In other words, likely in the lifetime of you and I there would be no natural fish in the sea anywhere, at least of the popular species which humans currently eat. This is not an inevitable decline yet, but it will become inevitable if current trends don't change.
Given that we can get our protein and omega 3 fatty acids in a more healthy (and tasty) manner from plant sources, I respectfully suggest the time has come for humans to restrain themselves from eating fish. I propose this even given the long maritime heritage of my family, as fishermen off the coast of Canso, Nova Scotia going back 6 or 7 generations. This was a sustainable and perhaps bountiful living in the past. Now it is not. We must adapt to our changing realities, or humans might be next to take steps towards extinction in the short term, given our poor choices. It is not too late to change, but soon it will be.


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