Sunday, November 05, 2006

There's plenty of...oh, wait a moment

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency visited my humble blog a couple days ago! Crazy. Hopefully they already knew about the seafood :-)
It occurred to me that along with other, much more sinister effects, dating will never be the same with the crash of the fish "stocks". Remember how good (sometimes) it felt when your friends would tell you that "there is plently of other fish in the sea". "I Will Survive" or something equally kickass would start playing in your head, and whatisface or herface would be almost forgotten. (maybe)
Now try, as a supportive friend in these new times, using that line. I predict that there will be a long silence, then said friend, still trying to be supportive, will weakly continue "weeelll there are other people you could be dating". Name one. It just doesn't have the same ring.


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